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Dr. Ellen Mitchell was granted her doctorate in California after completing training in several community mental health settings, including a substance use program for women in recovery, and an inpatient state facility where she was hired as a staff psychologist working with an interdisciplinary team directing mental heath treatment.

Upon returning to Philadelphia, Dr. Mitchell was Director of Psychology at Montgomery County Emergency Services.  In this capacity, she provided group and individual treatment for individuals in acute psychological distress and prepared clients for re-entry into the community.  Dr. Mitchell was then hired as clinical director at Spring Garden Psychological Associates collaborating with a staff of social workers in providing treatment, via a contract with the Department of Human Services, to children, adolescents and families who had experienced trauma. Through Spring Garden, Dr. Mitchell provided training to community mental health agencies on trauma and treatment techniques.  She testified, as an expert witness, in Family Court on the impact of early childhood trauma.

From her experience in trauma, Dr. Mitchell served as Program Coordinator at Northwestern Institute’s Dissociative Disorders Unit providing individual and group therapy to women with chronic mental health issues.  During this time, she utilized her skills in hypnotherapy and Eye-Movement-Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as a technique to facilitate trauma recovery.

Dr. Mitchell has held a number of consulting positions to include, Community Council where she supervised doctoral interns and provided weekly supervision/training clinical staff in a therapeutic pre-school program, a school based day treatment program for pre-adolescents and two outpatient programs (children, adolescents and adults).  She served as Director of Psychology at Community Council prior to being hired as a consultant/evaluator at Children’s Services, Inc. which included implementing and developing an internship training program at Family Court of Philadelphia.  In this position, Dr. Mitchell provided training in assessment of intellectual and emotional functioning for forensic evaluations to assist in juvenile adjudication procedures.

Dr. Mitchell has been in private practice since 1991 and has developed expertise in the treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma related issues and life skills/passages.  She has conducted assessments of children and adolescents to assist in developing mental health treatment plans for the school system.  Dr. Mitchell has received advanced training in cognitive therapy and practical approaches to overcoming mental health issues with an emphasis in incorporating holistic approaches.